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Customer Care

We pride ourselves on fostering the great relationships we have formed and continue to form with all of our customers. That said, we appreciate your trust in letting us feed your family with Dunagan-Farms beef. We will go above and beyond to maintain that trust. Keeping our customers satisfied is the end goal for us. To maintain the friendship and then the business with them, we must take all of their cares and concerns to heart and make sure we are meeting as many needs as possible.

However, no one person can please every other person, we realize this and though we haven't had any bad outcomes thus far, there will likely be one someday. When and if that happens we will do our best to have both parties involved smiling at the end of it.  

Privacy & Safety

We use a safe and secure payment method on here, you can also use PayPal, cash or check on day of pick up.

We do not and will not ever sell anyones information, rest assured that any business you do with us is only known between us and you.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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