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1st Generation Beef Farm

I have always loved cattle or at least the idea of having cattle, but never really knew where to start. I am a welder by trade and a little over a decade ago I was doing some work for a local rancher who had his belly full of raising cattle and was selling out. I took my payment for that job in the form of 5, 3 & 4 year old bred black Angus commercial cows.  I wasn't real sure about anything I did or how to do it, but I have never been afraid to ask questions........We have been learning everything we can and trying to grow since then.  

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About Dunagan-Farms

We are a small family farm, we raise cattle for the sole purpose of beef production and selling directly to the consumer.  We started selling beef several years ago in the form of halves and quarters and liked the personal aspect of getting honest reviews and opinions of each animal we sold.  Since then we have been steadily upping our game to get to where we are today, producing high choice and sometimes prime cuts of beef and an organic protein that carries so much further than normal store-bought meat at an affordable price. We steady ourselves somewhere in the middle of the market, price wise, but strive to and most often do produce very high end product.

We would love for you to give us a try.



We believe that most times you give an animal anything that is digestibly safe for them to promote growth, it is likely not safe for us. We add nothing to the diets of our cattle that they, through natural daily habits can not get. Antibiotics are an absolute last resort to prevent the animal any undue suffering and all recommended withdraw times are far exceeded if we must use them. There is not and never will be anything genetically modified going in or around our cattle. We do feed our own family with our own beef after all. Overall goal has been and continues to be, to remain as naturally organic as possible without driving costs through the roof. That does slightly limit our overall supply and we're fine with that so long as the product we are producing is the honest best.

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