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Shipping Policy

We normally schedule a "Meat pick up" for those who have orders, and those orders are ready to pick up. We post dates and times on our Facebook page, Dunagan-Farms, as well as message all customers personally. If for whatever reason you're not able to come to the "Meat pick up", no worries, after the event we will contact you and discuss a suitable meeting place and time in the immediate future. One way or another you will get your meat, we will make sure of that. We now ship the individual items, and bundles anywhere in the state of Oklahoma. If you ordered a portion and want it shipped we can ship it anywhere in the lower 48.


If you purchase any shirts or hats.......we can easily ship them just about anywhere in the world.

Return & Exchange Policy

We do not offer any return policy, however, in the event that a package is damaged by us and it somehow makes it to you and the meat turns color and builds up with frost, just let us know and send us a picture and when we can get you a product to replace the damaged one when you pick up your next order.  

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