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  • How old are the cattle when they are butchered?
    Most of the grain finished cattle range from 12 mos - 18mos depending on the individual animal and what type of finished product we are trying to achieve. Most of the grass finished cattle range from 18mos to 30mos depending again on type of finish desired.
  • What are the grain finished cattle fed?
    I have spent many hours on calls and in conversations with nutritionists over the years trying to formulate and improve many different feeds to offer the cattle to finish while implementing my personal principle that "cattle shouldnt eat anything in a feed they cant eat off of the ground". That said most of our feed is made up of grasses and non urea bonded grains mixed with a balanced vitamin style mineral. I will not give out the recipes, worked too hard to get them to where they are and confident enough to say that we have the best (most organic) finish feed that can be created. If you notice our beef is not cheap, neither is this specially formulated feed.
  • How long does the meat dry age?
    The processor we use most often will age the beef for a minimum 10 days up to 14-16 days. I will from time to time use a different processor that can age for up to 28 days, those cuts will sell as prime at prime cost and wont come around, but 2-3 times a year. I will post on here and fb before we process those to take orders.
  • Do we get attatched to the animals?
    Unequivocally, yes, but that is a part of the world. I work hard with these animals to get them to produce the type of product we're after. It is my belief that cattle are on this planet to provide food and we just try to help them be the best food they can.
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