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Reverse Seared Tri-Tip



    •    Dunagan-Farms Tri Tip

    •    Olive Oil

    •    Course Salt

    •    Lots of Black Pepper

    •    Shaved Garlic


    1    Dampen with oil, rub Tri Tip with Salt, Pepper and Garlic rub. 

    2    Cook super slowly until the internal temp hits about 115˚ the pull and let                 rest for a few minutes while grill heats up to as hot as you can get it. 

    3    Once grill is as hot as possible (500+) sear the Tri Tip a few minutes on                 each side until the internal temperature hits 130˚ for a perfectly seared                   Rare Tri Tip

    4    If you wish for a Medium Rare pull at 135˚ for a Medium, pull at 140˚ and               so on. 

Tri Tip.jpg
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