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Ham Steak

Ham Steak for Supper




    •    Dunagan-Farms Ham Steak

    •    Brown Sugar

    •    Pineapple Rings



    1    Dampen with water, rub Ham Steak with a little brown sugar 

    2    Cook over charcoal for the best flavor, but propane or pellet grill will work               too

    3    The Ham Steak is already cooked so we are just adding some sweetness               and some charcoal flavor, cook until the internal is 160˚ and the fat is just             starting to drip

    4    Lay your pineapple rings directly on the grill grate and let them warm up                 and get those crisp grill marks, be sure to have just a little pineapple with               each bite of ham. 

    5    Pair with fried potatoes cooked in leaf lard and then warm up some green             beans with a little of the ham steak or bacon mixed in and ENJOY!

ham steak.JPG
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