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Smoked Brisket

What you Need:

    •    Dunagan-Farms Brisket, its already trimmed and ready.

    •    Mustard 

    •    Course Salt, Pepper, Garlic, or your favorite Rub

    •    Prime Brisket Injection, makes everything easier

    •    A foil pan and some tin foil or butcher paper 


    1    Dry Brisket and cover alll sides with mustard

    2    Cover, liberally, with salt, pepper, garlic or your favorite rub

    3    Mix Prime Brisket Injection up and inject both directions until the brisket is           plump and the injection is running out of it 

    4    Set smoker to about 220˚ and put the brisket right on the grates 

    5    Once the Brisket hits about 165˚ internally, pull and wrap tightly

    6    Place back on the smoker until internal temp hits 202˚ then pull and rest 

    7    Once the 2-3 hour rest is complete, Slice across the grain and enjoy 


Some people, those BBQ purists will disagree with injection and wrapping, those people can cook theirs however they please. But if you want to make a solid, delicious Brisket every time you can easily achieve it with the above method. Now you can celebrate Independence Day, enjoying a Brisket with confidence!!! 

Sliced Brisket .JPG
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