Quarters, Halves & Wholes

When you buy a portion from us, you pay high end ground beef price and get all the cuts. Thats Right!!! Ribeyes, NY Strips and Filets or Tbones, Brisket, Sirloins and Roasts all for the cost of ground beef . Our beef is all home grown and farm raised right here in central Oklahoma.  With the purchase of a half beef or whole beef, the processor will call you directly and get your personal customized cutting instructions. We deliver the beef, we pay processing, we pick up your beef and then we contact you to coordinate a day and time for you to pick up from us.

Whole Beef average cost:  $2,800.00-$3,400.00

Half Beef average cost:  $1,400.00-$1,700.00

Quarter Beef average cost:  $700.00 - $850.00

We have several process dates each week.

Deposits required

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